Hey there! My name is Moya and I am a German/Brazilian art director & graphic designer. I have experience with digital media, advertising & book publishing. My main interests lie on brands and projects, that have either social or cultural relevance - regardless if print or digital.

CV here

Adidas x GAA

Girls are Awesome teamed up with adidas Originals to empower women in pursuing their dreams, sharing their inspirations and realising their ambitions. By giving women a voice to tell their stories, Girls Are Awesome and adidas Originals are enabling a positive movement to inspire every woman to become an even stronger version of herself.

Website banner Long sleeve t-shirt E-vite

with Mariel Mendoza @VIRTUE Germany (2017)


REMAKE - a production by VICE Brasil and Petrobras, is a series that explores the curiosity and inventiveness of the Brazilian “makers” scene, presented by Rita Wu.

Art direction

freelance project for VICE Brasil (2017)


FIXXOO is a DIY Repair Kits brand for iPhone screens and batteries.

Animated posters campaign

with Jasper Kessler @Epic. (2018)

TrueLens ~ graveyard project

TrueLens is the contact lenses brand of Mister Spex.

Creative campaign Website design

with Teresa Ellmer @Epic. (2018)

Over You ~ Oceana

Typography for the video Over You by Oceana - shot by Jeremy Antoine Le Béhérec.

fun project with Jalb Films (2017)

i-D x Melt Festival


@VICE Germany (2017)